Attend an Event at The Fairgrounds Nashville

October 5, 2022

The Fairgrounds Nashville is an event space that’s home to some of the most diverse events you can find in Music City. From concerts to shopping events, the roller derby, and more, there’s so much to discover. Start planning a day to visit The Fairgrounds Nashville! 

Explore the Nashville Flea Market

Every month of the year, the Nashville Flea Market takes place at The Fairgrounds Nashville for a weekend packed with great deals, eclectic finds, and more. You never know what awesome item you might discover at this once-a-month event. If you’re just moving to Middle Tennessee, you may need to purchase things for your new apartment home, and The Nashville Flea Market is the perfect place to do this!

The Nashville Flea Market takes place every 4th weekend of the month (excluding December, when it falls on the 3rd weekend to accommodate for the holiday season). It is known as one of the top ten best flea markets in the country and is the number one flea market in Tennessee! With anywhere from 800 to 1000+ vendors on a given weekend, there’s so much to see and many people to shop from. As Nashville grows in popularity, so does this shopping experience. Start planning your visit for one of their weekends ahead!    

Attend the Exotic Pet Expo

Are you interested in owning an animal that’s out of the ordinary? The Middle Tennessee Exotic Pet Club hosts an Exotic Pet Expo at The Fairgrounds Nashville during every spring and fall. Here, you can adopt legal exotic pets and purchase all of the supplies you’ll need to properly care for them. If you’re not quite ready for ownership, you can also just take a look around. Be sure to keep this event on your radar if you’re interested in having a pet other than a dog, cat, or fish. Entry to the expo is only one dollar. 

Cheer on The Nashville Rollergirls

Seeing Music City’s only roller derby in action makes for an exciting day at The Fairgrounds Nashville. The Nashville Rollergirls (NRG) have been around since 2006, and their competitive bouts are definitely exciting and out of the ordinary when it comes to the world of athletics. Learn all about this fast-growing female sport at the sports arena located at The Fairgrounds. Keep up with their schedule to see when they’ll be taking on the competition. 

Shop the Annual Christmas Village 

If you’re a fan of the Nashville Flea Market, you’ll want to mark your calendar for the Christmas Village coming up November 10-12, 2017. This event will feature a number of different booths selling everything from jewelry to pottery to toys for children. Don’t let the Christmas shopping season creep up on you this year. Get ahead of the game by checking out this market which features unique gifts that are sure to be a hit, even with that one family member who’s always difficult to shop for. 

Vintage Burkitt Station Could Be Your Next Home 

Vintage Burkitt Station offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments in a beautiful community you will be happy to call home. Away from the bustle, but in close proximity to downtown, which includes The Fairgrounds Nashville, you could call Vintage Burkitt Station your new home. Give our leasing office a call at 615-663-9400 to learn more.